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Observability Is About the Data

Observability Is About the Data

Observability should mean that we have the data – the logs, metrics, traces, flows and dependencies to understand the behavior of the application system of interest. Unfortunately there is no one source of all of this data for each application which is where things get complicated.

The Gaps in Observability

Gaps in Observability exist with applications, networks and the public clouds. Therefore true full stack Observability is currently impossible.

The Changing Physics and Economics of Monitoring

The Changing Physics and Economics of Monitoring

New Relic has just announced New Relic One and a focus upon “entity-centric observability”. The idea is that the set of things that need to be monitored is exploding at an exponential rate, requiring not just metrics from all of these things, but an understanding of how they relate to each other.

Reinventing Application Performance Management Again

Wily Technology was launched in 1998 to instrument monoliths running on J2EE application servers. AppDynamics, Dynatrace, and New Relic were invented to monitor first generation distributed N-Tier and SOA applications. Now the application architecture is shifting to microservices – disrupting the APM industry again.

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