About APM Experts

Bernd Harzog is the CEO of APM Experts. APM Experts helps vendors in the modern Observability, APM and cloud infrastructure monitoring spaces improve their product and marketing strategies, and helps customers acquire the monitoring solutions that best meet their needs.

Bernd Harzog was previously the CEO and founder of OpsDataStore which combined metrics from multiple vendors into one related datastore for AIOps and actionable analytics.  Bernd has previously provided product and marketing strategy consulting services to innovative vendors in the industry. Recent and current clients for these services include  AppDynamics, Dynatrace,  ExtraHop, Intel, Instana, Matilda Cloud, Netuitive, Sensai, SolarWinds, VMware, and Virtual Instruments. Bernd also provides advisory services to investors through expert networks like Guidepoint Global and Gearson Lehman.

Bernd has been the CEO of RTO Software (acquired by VMware), the VP of Products for Netuitive, the Research Director for Windows Server and Desktop Operating Systems at Gartner, a General Manager at Xcellenet, and has had several other significant roles in the software industry since 1980.

Bernd has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Chicago, and enjoys applying economic and strategic analysis to product and marketing strategy issues.

For Bernd’s complete Bio, please see his LinkedIn page – https://www.linkedin.com/in/berndharzog/

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