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Virtualization, Cloud & Application Performance Mangement

Bernd Harzog is the CEO of APM Experts. APM Experts helps vendors in the modern application and infrastructure cloud monitoring space improve their product and marketing strategies, and helps customers acquire the monitoring solutions that best meet their needs.

Open Telemetry (OTEL) – Destined to Disappoint

Open Telemetry (OTEL) is a CNCF project designed to create an APM vendor neutral method of collection of application metrics, traces and logs. This is an ambitious undertaking, which is uncertain to bear fruit. The Current State of  Open Telemetry (OTEL) Open...

AIOPs is Dead

AIOPs as the category that is the future state of the infrastructure monitoring, APM, and log analysis business is dead. AIOPs is dead for the following reasons. AIOPs has no Champion that Matters AIOPs as a term and an idea was invented by Gartner. The analyst who...

What Is Observability and How to Implement It

There are many vendors of and approaches to implementing Observability. Before we go through them all, however we first need to ask, what is Observability really (what distinguishes it from monitoring), and who needs Observability? In other words, what kinds of...

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