Bernd Harzog is the an Analyst for The Virtualization Practice, and CEO and founder of APM Experts. At The Virtualization Practice Bernd publishes orginal analytical articles on how the entire approach to management and the entire management software industry needs to change to manage the Software Defined Data Center and the Cloud.

APM Experts is Bernd's strategy marketing consulting company. Bernd provides product strategy, marketing strategy, and business development services to vendors in the industry. Recent clients for these services include  VMware, AppDynamics, AppEnsure, AppFirst, BlueStripe, Boundary, CloudPhysics, Crittercism, ElasticBox, ExtraHop, Hotlink, Intigua, New Relic, Netuitive, Splunk, TeamQuest, VMTurbo, Virtual Instruments, Xangati and Zenoss. See the Vendor Consulting section for more information on these services.

Bernd also provides free product selection consultation sessions to enterprises seeking to solve their virtualization, cloud, and applications performance management problems. See the Enteprise Consulting section for more information on these services.

Bernd has been the CEO of RTO Software (recently acquired by VMware), the VP of Products for Netuitive, the Research Director for Windows Server and Desktop Operating Systems at Gartner, a General Manager at Xcellenet, and has had several other significant roles in the software industry since 1980.

Bernd has an MBA in Marketing from the University of Chicago, and enjoys applying economic and strategic analysis to product and marketing strategy issues.
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